I don’t know what to do with myself

One nap a day kick ass.

I just sat on the couch with my dog, watched the noon news [news? there’s news in the world?] and had a leisurely lunch that was not interrupted by a little girl wanting a sip of my water, wanting to pull herself up using my shoulder or wanting to practice banging her snail shaker, her ladybug shaker, her fish shaker or her egg shaker into my arm as I’m about to bring my food to my mouth.

[note to self: the Magpie does not need any more shakers.]

Damn, I am going to get spoiled like this! A peaceful meal that I did not have to wolf down in under a minute: I chewed! I tasted my food! I finished my water! I don’t have to put my shirt in the wash!

So, as she grows up and enters the world of fewer naps, I am reintroduced to the real world of regular eating – both in time for my ever-nearer return to work. Just over 3 months away.

The blogroll is back! A request to return it to the sidebar was all it took, and there it is!

Watch out tomorrow! There will be two posts: one from a guest author as part of The Blog Exchange, and a product review for The Parent Bloggers Network. Have your reading glasses at the ready!

3 responses to “I don’t know what to do with myself

  1. The blog looks GREAT! I’m in the midst of a redesign/move myself but I’m so technologically retarded I stun even myself with my complete ineptitude.
    But this? Looks. Great! YAY! Also: I love the Google Reader, I’ve never seen that before. Cool.
    Henry also only had one nap today. Is that right? I’m not ready for only one nap. I like two naps. What will I do?!

  2. Eep, I really thought today was Thursday. This is what quitting smoking does to the brain, it completely throws off the days! I put your post up at midnight because I was sure today was Thursday.

    Ah well, it’s a great post and people can look at it for an extra day!

    I like your colours here, they’re soothing to look at..

  3. lol – that’s okay! trust me, I know the feeling….

    I just put yours up and called it tomorrow – technically, it is tomorrow on the east coast… 😛

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