in the zone

The Magpie received a package in the mail last week, courtesy of The Parent Bloggers Network and School Zone, in which she received a set of Clever Baby Cards “Fuzzy Animal Friends” and a magnetic card Peek-a-Boo Bunny Guess Who? game. I was expecting to like these, from what I had seen, but I hadn’t been expecting her to take to all the cards quite so quickly.

She spent an inordinate amount of time flipping the Clever Baby Cards over, thrilled with the fact that these brightly coloured critters kept appearing for her amusement, all the while checking out the various fuzzy bits. I was [still am] a little leery of some of the fuzzy bits, but everything really does appear to be well attached. The Magpie also took to a little gnawing – she is working on three new teeth, after all – and it took an incredible amount of chewing before even one bit of colour or corner became endangered. I am in awe.

It took a good day or two for her to get into the magnetic peek-a-boo and she first liked the various components on their own. There is a little stuffed bunny that plays peek-a-boo in conjunction with flipping a card over and opening a flap to reveal a hidden critter. The bunny’s paws will stay on its eyes, covering them up, because of magnets. The card the the bunny is attached to will also hold the Peek-a-Boo cards because of a [weak] magnet. The Magpie loves uncovering the bunny’s eyes and she loves uncovering the hidden critters. Putting the two together only sort of makes sense to her, but the product is labelled for 9 months and up and, well, she’s 9 months really, really soon…but, technically, not yet. Again, despite some excellent attempts, no damage has yet been inflicted on the cards or flaps. Strange, but true.

She likes:

  • flipping the cards over and over to make sure the other side didn’t go away
  • checking out the different textures and colours on the Clever Baby Cards
  • uncovering Peek-a-Boo Bunny’s eyes

I like:

  • the seemingly superhuman construction
  • the card concept – as opposed to book format. These are her first cards, and we’ll definitely be amenable to more.
  • the bright, appealing drawings, with different colours, shades and visual texture

I’m leery of:

  • the Clever Baby Card fabric attachments – don’t get me wrong, they are incredibly well attached, but I’m an anal new mom and the lion/tiger string tail is, well, a piece of string.
  • some of the Peek-a-Boo cards we received have the photo of the “hidden” animal on the top of the flap, as well as under the flap – you can see what the answer is before opening the flap! That’s just not right…
  • the phrasing on the Clever and Peek-a-Boo cards: give me an article every now and then! The cat likes milk instead of cat likes milk. [okay, that’s a personal irritant, but that’s how hard I have to try to find something to not like]

The verdict:

  • I would totally buy the Clever Baby Cards.
  • Assuming the animals appearing on the top of the flap is a misprint, I would also buy the Peek-a-Boo game. Even if the Magpie only appreciates the Bunny and the card components separately, she’s still learning and, considering we’ve had the game for about a week, I suspect that it’s just a matter of a little more repetition before she makes the connection.

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  1. Love the review!! And the action shot is great too – what a cutie she is!

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