Thunder Road

Thunder Road

Tell me, she said. Tell me again. Take my mind off of all of this and tell me again.

I looked at her, the sparkle in her eyes still shone when she asked. All these years and her eyes still sparkled. Alright, you win again.

Mary and I grew up together. We knew all there was to know about each other and for a brief time when we were kids we thought we were in love. We planned a time when we would run off together, just get in the car and go. Life happened and we never kept those plans. Not that I didn’t try but I was a musician and not able to give her stability and time after time she turned me away. We remained the friends of a small town although every once in a while I would catch her looking at me and I felt the past.

Life can be hard, you know how it goes. It was after a night of kicking back beer and hating the factory and all life had become when I went by her house on a whim. I wasn’t sure what was in my mind as Roy Orbison filled the car of the lonely. The door opened and I heard the clank of it closing, Mary seemed to glide across the porch. This was a different Mary, she almost looked like a vision walking my way.

I got out of the car, I wanted to call to her. To beg her not to say no again, not to leave me with myself for another night. Keep walking my way, darlin, you know just where my heart is. I see her nervously twist her hair, as if she’s wondering if she’s too old for this sort of thing, if it was too late. In my mind I called to her, open up your heart, feel the power in the night. Look at your reflection girl, you’re more than alright and just right for me.

Another Summer lost waiting for the hero to come for your heart, you gain nothing hiding in your corner to learn from your pain, think of long-past lovers and cry in the rain. I’m no one’s saviour and we both know that, my stallion is this old car and my kingdom is out there on the Thunder Road. This is it, our shot to make it real right now, take the chance and we’ll make it somehow..

..if you imagine the car top down and the wind in your hair, the night is ours to own and the stallion will bring us anywhere. This is it, our one final shot to live the dreams, to trade in those dreams for my wheels. Throw your bag in back and let’s race the track. Mary Mary, hold my hand. We’re leaving here tonight to find the golden land. It’s all on Thunder Road, down Thunder Road, past Thunder Road. Tomorrow she’ll be out there, burning in the sun. Calling out to us, it’s time to go, we can run! Mary, do you feel Thunder Road? Get in, hold tight, let’s go.

I grabbed my guitar and showed it to her, pointing at it. I played a few chords so she could hear how I make it talk. I pointed from her to my car inviting her to finish her long walk. Leave your porch and join me on my front seat, for you Mary the door is open although the ride it aint free. Mary, I know you’re longing for phrases I haven’t spoken but you and me – tonight girl we’re FREE and all of life’s promises are broken!

Say goodbye to the ghost and the eyes of all the boys you sent away. It’s time, Mary. No more will they haunt your dreams and world and no more will you hear them scream your name at night down your street, no more burnt out Chevrolets will come to make you remember, no more waking in the pre-dawn to run to the porch and see who’s come to rescue you in the wind.

I’m here, Mary. Get in. This place is full of losers, we’re pulling out of here to win.

WebKittyn blogs regularly on her over-crowded yet homey blog, WebKittyn Warbles. She is
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4 responses to “Thunder Road

  1. My favorite Springsteen song! Thanks for the memories…I used to be a Jersey girl – in a town full of losers:)

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