she eats until she’s full

But, at the same time, how evil is it that I use the temperature test as a sad, sad excuse to nibble on the Magpie’s lunch?

I mean, c’mon: chicken, sweet potato and zucchini for lunch? A mid-morning snack of cantaloupe, banana and oatmeal? Her homemade frozen dinners kick ass on my frozen “pasta” dishes, microwaved cup of soup and stale scone. This kid eats disgustingly healthy and incredibly tasty food – from the steamer to the hand blender [ooooh….love my shiny hand blender] to the freezer.

Once I go back to work, I may start packing little ice cube sized portions for my meals, too.

3 responses to “she eats until she’s full

  1. Healthy or not, I don’t think I could down a chicken shake thawed out from a cube of blended meat. I know, I know, it’s all good stuff, but still. Blended meat ice cubed shake.

    Good thing she’s the baby and I’m not!

    I, too, however envy the healthiness of the Magpie’s lunch! (Says the girl who added hot water to mystery powder in a cardboard cup for potato leek soup…)

  2. So true! I did the same thing when my youngest was a baby.
    He ate so much healthier when he didn’t have teeth…

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