fun on Monday

As dictated by Min over at Mama Drama, today I must post a bad opening sentence for a novel and a photograph to set the scene of said sentence.

oh, okay …..

Upon entering her apartment in the stale night air of an another uneventful Wednesday, it hit Marianna with all the sudden realisation of a toenail pried back a little as it is stubbed against something that catches it, like a baseboard or fridge grating: when the crime detectives come to investigate her disappearance, as they invariably do for everyone is this wrong-side-of-the-tracks end of town, it will very likely appear as though only her cat ever lived here – a coffee drinking, internet shopping, take-out eating cat, but a cat none-the-less.

17 responses to “fun on Monday

  1. I want to know more, where’s Marianna going?

    That toenail analogy made me wince!

  2. the food looks rather interesting… does the cat have his/her own credit cards for the shopping

  3. Another one that deserves a standing ovation, or a sitting one if you are glued to your computer chair, and we can all say “bravo” and cry and bid over who gets to take care of the cat now that she is an orphaned feline that apprarently knows how to distinquish between Starbucks and Seattles Best and learned that a mouse is for surfing and that chicken is for eating, daintily.

    You inspired me

  4. Oh, I liked this. Okay, maybe I have no taste in literature but this pulled me in. I want to know what happens too!

  5. Phydeaux the cat would like to thank you for remembering in your oh-so-bad sentence that kitties are people, too.

    Thank you. Meow.

  6. Ouch! That was a really bad sentence. But actually it was very good.

    I’ve got that picture too, same pose, different cat.

  7. I have often had realizations that people will think that only kids live in my house.

  8. Lmao, this had me in stitches, especially the photo to go along with it. I liked it though!

    I didn’t handle your video post so well – teeth!

  9. I don’t know how I missed this Monday. I thought I had hit all the links. love your sentence

    And the video blog too. I was thinking of doing those, but my server if finicky about videos. grr.

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