9 months after the 9 months

The Magpie is nine months old today – that means she’s spent [roughly] as much time living as I did pregnant. Now, that’s weird to think about…

She’s upstairs, now, fighting her one nap per day, as though the 15 minute power nap on the way home from her check up this morning will somehow suffice. Perhaps she feels that, at nine months old, she’s big enough to forgo such childish things, like napping. All of sudden, she’s ready for finger food & leafy greens. Soon, at 12 months, she’ll be magically ready to sit facing forward in the car. Arbitrary designations [okay, I do know that there are reasons these ages have been chosen, but part of me chafes at the one-size-fits-all mentality] that mark milestones based solely on a date. And that date was rather random in and of itself – she was four days late, after all.

It’s still hard not to compare her to her older friends who, at a year, are walking, talking and damn near writing their med school entry exams. But, she is doing everything a nine month old should be – except napping.

5 responses to “9 months after the 9 months

  1. Most car seat manufacturers use age as a general guideline, but weight as the deciding factor. You might want to check out ICBC’s website for guidelines on when you should switch.

  2. I always compared Hailey with other kids her age. It’s a sickness.

    Oh and she never really napped. Even now she doesn’t. The peditrician said some kids just don’t need them…but damn. I NEED THEM. Or more accurately, I need her to take them. Mommy needs some downtime.

  3. Your little one is absolutely adorable!

    Just came through through topblogmag and wanted to say hello!

    – Doggy Mama

  4. krista – I’ll have to read up on the manual. We just picked up a 3 in 1 at Christmas, because she wasn’t going to make it through her little infant seat!

    jenny – i *so* look forward to napping! I have no idea how I’ll survive my 9 to 5 in a few months…

    doggy mama – hey! thx for stopping by! hope to see you around again 🙂

  5. Jenn, I so feel the same way. So arbitrary.

    And the naps…Katie’s never been a napper. I dread the thought of only one nap seeing that she’ll really only take a 30 minute one as it is.

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