I shall now be a mom with tissues in my pocket

Bad enough that all my jackets [and most of my jeans] have plastic sandwich bags in the pockets for doggy walking related emergencies, but I suspect that I shall now have to begin carrying the travel sized packages of tissues with me where ever I go.

We think the Magpie has hay fever.

She has had sporadic stuffiness for the last couple of days – one afternoon she’s fine, that night she’s stuffy. Next morning, all better, but that afternoon, sneezing. And, this evening, even I got a snout full of some plant in bloom as we were out walking and she hasn’t breathed clearly since.


We know what we have to do to help avoid food allergies, but I suspect we just have to roll with this one. Aside from avoiding the offending park [where gardening is their thing], vacuuming and locating our little air purifier, we just out of luck.

Oh, except for buying more tissues.

One of the suspected offending trees is the cherry tree – the blossoms are just starting to emerge here. Ironically, a haiku I submitted to the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival was given an honourable mention. Yay! me. Boo, hiss sneezy cherry blossoms…

4 responses to “I shall now be a mom with tissues in my pocket

  1. Hip hip hooray for cherry blossoms! I *love* this time of year. Daffodils, cherry blossoms… it’s that newness that I’ve been wanting so much lately. Ahhh.

    I really like the haiku, too! I totally take the longer route just to drive slowly down streets with blossoms on it! Congrats on the poem, and hang in there with the magpie! 🙂

  2. Poor thing! You will have to become a walking pharmacy/convenience store, I guess!

    A big congrats on your honorable mention! It’s great to be recognized!

  3. thx guys!

    hillary – I love daffodils and crocuses (crocii??) and even the cherry blossoms, but this stuffiness will be the end of me!!

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