another note to self

Do not leave your daughter’s rice cake on her exersaucer in the living room while you both head into the kitchen to wash dishes and start thinking about supper.

To be fair, I didn’t actually tell him to “leave it”…

4 responses to “another note to self

  1. well, if you didnt tell him no…

    by the way, the sticky post is dead easy – I found how to do it by googling it and it took about 2 mins. I fyou want some help just let me know.

  2. What a beautiful dog ! What kind of dog is it or than one that ‘steals’ food?
    What is a sticky post that Surviving Motherhood writes about?

  3. swampwitch – Leo is a Shiba Inu. He’s a babe, he knows it and he’s now afraid to flaunt it. 🙂 The sticky note is a post that Surviving Motherhood has as a permanent post at the top of her blog – I left her a comment and noted that I liked the idea of it but had no idea how to set it up 🙂

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