an hour here, an hour there

Daylight Saving Time.

While we may be moving our clocks ahead one hour tonight, we will not be informing the Magpie. Her 6am to 6:30pm schedule may work well enough now, but once I go back to work, I’ll be lucky to make it home by 6pm – just enough time to get her out of the bath and tuck her into bed.

So, if all goes according to plan [which we’re only half hopeful that it will…], she will now get up at 7am and stay up until 7:30pm. All with no effort on our part, other than remembering to shift the clock on the television, the alarm clock, the microwave, the stove, the car and the three CD players.

We are kind of already screwed after a trip to the aquarium this morning yielded two unscheduled naps – one on the way there, and the other on the way back. Her regularly scheduled nap was further pushed off by attending a birthday party and no one saw any sleep until 3pm… oops.

That’s okay. It gave her a chance to watch part of Sense and Sensibility with me. Never to early to have her watching Alan Rickman.

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