fun on Monday

It’s another Fun Monday! Aren’t you lucky? Today, per Beccy at Peppermint Tea, I am to post a recipe that would inspire and yummy photo of my meal. Here you are:


1 notepad
1 pen
1 take out menu for Kick Ass Local Take Out Sushi Place
1 phone

Combine notepad and pen (pencil may be substituted). Record desired items from Kick Ass Local Take Out Sushi Place – be careful, it is very easy to over-order at this step.

Phone in order. To ensure order will be ready by dinner begin ordering at least two hours in advance. (Bonus! This will shave 10% off your order!)

Approximately 10 minutes before the order is finished, bundle up baby and dog and walk up to Kick Ass Local Take Out Sushi Place.

Pay for order (for optimal flavour and nice feeling, be sure to leave a nice tip) and return home.

Sushi is ready to eat. Leftovers may be stored in fridge for a day or two – but don’t expect to have many.

7 responses to “fun on Monday

  1. Lol, lucky you having a Kick Ass Local Take Out Sushi Place within walking distance. This is my husbands idea of cooking me dinner!

  2. enidd tried this recipe and it doesn’t work. may be something to do with the fact she lives in molvania. poo.

  3. Mmmmmmmmm. Sushi.
    I can’t wait for your next recipe. Have you thought of a cookbook?!?!

  4. what a great recipe. one from my own book, indeed!
    The Mistah is at school late today. I think I’ll whip up something similar tonight. Only in Brooklyn? They bring it right to the door, so no need to even bundle up! WOOT!

  5. You are my kinda gal. Love this recipe.
    One thing my mother taught me to make is “reservations.”
    Good job. I think you win First Place in my Fun Monday contest.

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