I say ‘no!’

I only just started saying ‘no’ to the Magpie recently – bad momma, I know. She is getting speedier in her scooching and has an affinity for the baseboard heaters. They’re hot and the insides have a few edges that she could snag herself on. She actually gets ‘no’ and turns and looks back. Sometimes she even stops.

However, it seems that if I can say ‘no’, so can she. While the word has not left her mouth, she has begun removing our hands from wherever she doesn’t want them. If we’re playing the piano with her, she picks up our hand and flings it away. And, tonight, as I was rubbing her back at bedtime, she grabbed my hand and flung it away….

Since she’s been clingy for this past week or so, and clingy to me preferentially, this rejection is unexpected, cute [for now…] and I’m always ridiculously tempted to keep doing whatever she doesn’t want just to see her tell me ‘no’ again.

But, having already taught her the concept too well, I wouldn’t want to put the notion of challenging it into her head quite yet…

3 responses to “I say ‘no!’

  1. The word “no” is just too easy to say. When my son was little I tried not to say it by being clever and saying “not touch”

    Then my heart broke the first time my son said, “I want daddy, not you.”

  2. Oh, those were the days, my friend…now I have a granddaughter who has the verbal “no” and physical “no”…she nearly shakes the hair off her head.

  3. Dude, I think I got a “yes” this a.m. as in, “Katie, no, stop taking Mama’s glasses,” and Katie’s saying “YES” back at me.

    no no no no no
    It’s all I say, I swear.

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