there is a candy cane sitting on my hutch

I am not kidding. I just noticed it. And, being a candy cane, it’s been there since Christmas. Or January, when we took the tree down.

And that pretty much describes my house. We vacuum around things, for the most part. We pile up the papers every now and then for some semblance of organization. And, really, I do know where almost every important thing is, but there is a lot of crap mixed in there. And therein lies the problem. We really, really suck at just putting things in the garbage. The junk mail gets kept right along with the bills and bank statements. The water bottle lives on the counter because I might reuse it. I never do, but you never know when I might want to.

The only time we actually toss stuff is right before I need it. Case in point: boxes. I finally freak out and recycle [almost] all our cardboard and then no more boxes come within 50km of the house by the time the next birthday present needs to be shipped off. And everyone wonders why they are now getting gift cards…

As it is, though, I think I can make my way over and dispose of the candy cane. I am feeling rather peaked just thinking about the cleaning I need to do…. now, where to place the candy cane’s plastic wrapping so that I’ll remember to toss it later…

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