all that meat and no veggies?!

That is the punch line to one of my dad’s favourite politically incorrect jokes about a little boy seeing a photo of a baby nursing.

And yet, that little boy might have the right of it. The Magpie has taken to literally launching herself around. Out of our arms, off the couch, over from a sitting position to where ever she wants to go – all without incident, since we’ve so far been prepared. She’s also taken to launching herself onto me at the first sign of a bared breast. With great vigor. With a gaping maw and a slightly wild look to her eye.

Oh yeah. And five teeth.

There has yet to be an incident here, either, but every single time she flings herself into my boob I will admit to just a little steeling of will and a slight preemptive wince.

It really is only a matter of time…

One response to “all that meat and no veggies?!

  1. You’re brave! With a mouthful of high velocity fangs coming at a sensitive part like that I think I’d be running clear across the room!

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