baby wrangling

We spent just under an hour this morning in a room with one desk, several chairs and about 8 other parents and babies. The Magpie had her first audition. [we live in Hollywood North – of course she’s listed with an agency!]

And it was short.

She was not a happy little critter when she came back to us – she wasn’t freaking out, but she was very pouty. Whatever little gadget she was supposed to be enamoured of in the Room With the Casting Director did not do its job. So, I suspect, neither will the Magpie.

Fortunately, we had very little in the way of expectations going into this today: it was a toss up whether or not we would even be sent and I strongly suspect that the Magpie wasn’t really what they were looking for, regardless of her mood. And, of course, as all the mom’s were noting, auditions were smack in the middle of nap time.

The whole process was really laid back, the forms we filled out were quite simple and the other parents were chatty and nice – no stage moms applying Vaseline or hairspray or badmouthing little so-and-so for making off with the good toys. It’s a process that I – from my own personal comfort – be willing to repeat.

So, the question now becomes what do we do if she gets called out to another audition? We have been horribly lax in leaving the Magpie with anyone. We have had babysitters over, but only when she’s asleep. And while abandoning our child with another [albeit one we trust] hasn’t been high on our list of fun things to do, she is nine and a half months old and it’s probably time that we do it. At least for the time it takes to do a Starbucks run. Or walk our poor beleaguered dog around the lake sans stroller.

It may very well be a while before we get a call again. Babies don’t get called much in general. So we’ll have a little time to figure out if she is really opposed to this whole stranger concept, or if she was just making her opinion known about today’s toy line up.

4 responses to “baby wrangling

  1. I have to admit, I’ve not visited here long enough to know “what’s going on.” Auditions? Sounds scary. Since my youngest has a baby of her own, it’s been years since I had to think about leaving my babies with baby sitters. There are several very vivid memories of rushing back home when I had ‘panic attacks’ at the movie or out to dinner. Will have to come back later to catch up on the ‘goings on’ here. Thanks for the visit today.

  2. Everyone kept telling us to take our kids for this sort of thing but the idea never really appealed to me. I guess I heard the horror stories and never expected it to be as easy as your experience seems to have been. Oh well……..probably better that they are just kids anyhow.

  3. swampwitch – the thought of why leave when I’ll just be wanting to come back is pretty much exactly why we haven’t done it 🙂

    rp – the agencies around here make it really easy to sign on. they actually came to Mr.Q’s work and did a little spiel and, ta da!, we’re in! we’re being really low key about this whole thing and not taking any of it terribly seriously. any other way is just not fair to the Magpie!

  4. Hey, if you can earn Magpie some $$$ for education or her first downpayment on a house? Go for it! She’s definitely a cutie.

    As for the babysitter dilemma, I’m so very much with you. We’ve got my mom, an hour away. And so things sorta boil down to, is it worth her making the drive and spending the night? Usually the answer is “um, no” so I guess I don’t get out much. But I don’t really miss it either. I had the kid to be with her…

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