for my listening pleasure

Tagged by Jodifur, by the sheer power of reading her post, here are seven songs that I am listening to and loving now:

  1. Safe and Sound, Hawksley Workman. It’s not from his most recent album, but it’s a song that I’ve recently acquired and it is insanely beautiful. I swear, he may now be up at the top of my Celebrity Guys I’d Threaten to Hypothetically Leave Mr.Q For [sorry, Bono]
  2. Poets, The Tragically Hip. Don’t tell me how the universe is altered, when you find out how he gets paid.
  3. The Alphabet of Nations, They Might Be Giants. From the Magpie’s CD collection. I now know more countries than I did before. Sad, but true. I’m rather suspicious about West Xylophone, but have yet to look at an atlas to confirm my doubts.
  4. Think You Should Know, Jacksoul. Smooth, easy listening jazzy R&B for the car.
  5. I Got Rhytym, Denzal Sinclaire. Smoother, rich jazz for the car.
  6. Everybody Loves Saturday Night, Music Together Drums CD. From the Magpie’s music class. She adores this entire disc.
  7. I Don’t Feel Like Dancing, Scissor Sisters. No, it’s now new. Yes, when I think about it, it’s incredibly obnoxious. But it is really good for Jolly Jumping.

Feel like letting me on your current listening? Post it and leave me a comment!

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