Real Moms …

Tagged [again!] by Jodifur, but this time by name, here is my Real Moms… declarative statement, photo, explanation and “Real Moms. Making…” closing:

Real Moms know when their baby is about to wake up.

I have no idea how or why, but I almost always wake up with literally a minute to spare before the Magpie rouses herself. Am I hearing her stir? Does she somehow realise that I am conscious? Are we sending mutual waking vibes? She does not fully quiet down until Mr.Q and I go to bed and, this, despite the fact that we are ridiculously quiet people and barely even have the television on in the evenings. And we are obviously on the same schedule, though it doesn’t really follow the clock. Regardless of what time she feels it necessary to wake, my eyes are open just before hers.

The logical being in me blames the minute pre-waking noises that must be emanating from the baby monitor. The part of me that keeps one skeptical eye fixed on the moon and reads my daily horoscope likes to believe it’s a sign of good mother-daughter bond.

Real Moms. Making mountains pots of gold out of mole hills.

Have a Real Moms epiphany? Post it and leave me a comment so I can come over and read it !

4 responses to “Real Moms …

  1. I like to leave it open…I know it defeats the purpose of passing it on 🙂 I’ll add a little open call at the end!

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