an apple a day

While driving Mr.Q into work this morning before heading over the doctors’ offices to verify our collective cases of spring allergies, Mr.Q asked if I’d had my coffee yet this morning. Quite nicely, but still….

I hadn’t. But nor was I tailgating. I had yet to make any particularly snide remarks either. When questioned, he indicated that I was emanating.

Oh. Okay.

I changed the CD to some mellower music.

Sadly, the doctor was not on the allergy bandwagon, but feels that the Magpie and I are fighting yet another virus. Damn it. We have had our fair share, we don’t visit any sick babies and none of the babies that we do visit have become sick from us. So pbtthhhh.

Regardless of what it is, though, her lungs [and mine, for that matter] sound fine and that’s what I was really worried about. Now, should we not be better by the weekend, we get to go back for a follow up. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m now going to go have an apple.

One response to “an apple a day

  1. Oh, don’t even GO there with the coffee comment in the morning!

    Especially on a Monday!

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