bigger and better

<img src=”” alt=”Parent I try to change the Magpie’s crib sheets a couple of times a week, but I much prefer to do it on my own terms rather than after finding a wet spot in the morning. No matter the size or brand, there always seems to be something that gaps or overflows during a 11 hour sleep. So when the Parent Bloggers Network offered us the option of trying out Huggies Overnites we rather jumped [as fast as one can being on the left coast – email may be real time, but it’s not always my time!].

This was a good idea. These diapers are bigger, they have more absorbent … stuff … and they still fit the Magpie well. And best of all? They worked. There was only one incredibly small incident early on that I suspect was due more to poor application of the slightly larger diaper rather than any fault of the diaper itself. I was amazed at how well these things fit and, at the same time, how great the coverage was. Aside from that one morning, no unplanned pajama or bedding changes have occurred since we began using the Overnites.

So what’s the problem?

I can’t find Huggies Overnites in the stores that I frequent. Do I like them enough to go all over hell’s half acre to get them? No. I am a lazy, lazy consumer. Were they in one my local grocery stores or nearby drug store, might I pick them up? That would depend on the price.

The online pricing that I found is right through the Huggies website in around my waffle zone. They are a little more expensive than the regular Huggies and I could easily be swayed with a very small in store special, a manufacturer’s coupon or perhaps perusing the city’s big box membership-required store.

The verdict:

  • should I find myself with easy access to Huggies Overnites, I would really be pushing to purchase them. They work – and work well. The Magpie is comfortable and I am happy. It’s all good. It would, however, depend on the price set by my local stores. I would expect them to cost a little more, but not outrageously so.

One response to “bigger and better

  1. I’m waiting to hear back from Huggies re availability in Canada – a few bloggers have asked that question.

    Glad they worked for the Magpie!

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