mid-week photo op

In partial follow up to my previous post regarding what is me, here is my lovely orange purse!

This was a birthday gift from my mother-in-law [a few years ago] who was not supposed to fork out for the full amount, but did anyway. And there’s no way for this not to sound ungrateful, but I hate that. There is such a thing as too much, and this was it. But what exactly are you supposed to say at the till when you have your credit card out and she’s already put the whole thing on hers?

Yeah. Not much.

Regardless of the guilt pangs, this is the first real purse that I’ve ever [yes, ever] owned – and I can now never go back to the $9.99 sale bins at the mall aisle of the handbag stores. I was scared to death of damaging, staining, scuffing and generally destroying this purse but it’s taken it all.

One day I know I’ll want a new one. But not for a very long time.

3 responses to “mid-week photo op

  1. Nothing better than a wonderful, designer purse. I’m serious! I love my designer purses. They hold up sooo much better than those cheapo ones that look like CRAP after a few wearings. LOVE the orange leather…so pretty!

  2. It’s gorgeous!

    Creamy and luscious…just like a purse should be.

    No guilt pangs. It’s nice to let others treat you sometimes.

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