my new favourite word

Forget catastrofuck. [Okay, no, don’t – because I still love it too]

Mr.Q has found a new word. In his search for a Toastmaster‘s word of the day, he found a new description for those afflicted like himself and are intolerant to lactose: lactard. It is, apparently, used to refer to those who are lactose intolerant and I’m incredibly ready and willing to fire it off at him on a moment’s notice – particularly while eating yogurt or having a bowl of cereal.

However, I would like to suggest an alternate meaning from that of one who has lost the ability to digest milk: one who has lost the ability to produce milk.

Because, whether it is the cold/allergies that I have been fighting for the last four weeks or the slightly smaller nursing bra that I’ve been wearing while putting off laundry or the slightly lower fat diet that I’ve opted for in recent weeks, I’ve been running a little low.

Now, granted, the Magpie is eating a lot more solid food, but I’m [yes, I’m] not really ready to move on from breastfeeding and I’ve decided that neither is she. At not even 10 months old, that just seems too soon and, what with our food allergy freak outs, I’m terrified of introducing formula. Did I mention that she won’t take a bottle? So last night saw pancakes for supper [don’t ask me why, but it works] and the purchase of ginormous cheese scones in addition to an increased water intake that I might somehow turn into a camel with diabetes and a cholesterol problem.

It helped a little.

So now I wear the old, looser bra and hope for the best. Because, no matter how you define it, I’m not into becoming a lactard in the foreseeable future.

2 responses to “my new favourite word

  1. I gotta say Catastrofuck beats clusterfuck though I think the two could still be used in the same situation without going the least bit overboard.

    I hear you on the whole milk production slowing when you’re not ready to give up nursing. It sounds like you’re evening things out (read the updated post)…good luck.

  2. I was a total lactard. No matter how often I communed with my Pump-In-Style.

    And I agree – catastrofuck is fabulous. Must start using that one (but not around children).

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