recovery plan

Despite a nagging cough and the persistence of cherry blossoms affecting my hyperactive sinuses, I generally feel okay. Apparently, that’s not good enough to retain previous levels of breast milk, though, so I am regrouping in a effort to reach a new equilibrium. I am:

  • eating more
  • napping
  • meandering instead of power walking
  • napping
  • drinking gallons of water
  • napping

As you can see, it’s an oh-so tricky and hardship kind of thing. I’m ignoring my scale, since the few pounds I had managed to lose seem to have been detrimental and have since been coaxed back to my bod. I’m almost ready to declare that the Magpie and I have reached a new balance of three feedings a day. It seems to be working. For now.

Until I go back to work and cut down to twice a day…

Tomorrow is the Blog Exchange and there will be a guest post – make sure to visit and read! As such, the Sunday Edition [which will still likely be recorded on Sunday] will be posted on Monday.

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