mid-week photo op

This is one of three throw pillows that we custom ordered when we ordered our couch and window seat cushions roughly five years ago. It was chosen out of oodles and oodles of fabric swatches for it’s quirkiness, charm and colours. I was very proud of finding it and convincing Mr.Q to get it in a few small pieces.

Since then, I have seen this pattern in display suites, on floor models and, most recently, on my husband’s aunt’s sofa. And not only in the same pattern, but the exact same colour scheme, too.


How am I to have a unique thing when everyone else has it, too?? Bad enough that my mother-in-law got new furniture a couple of years back in colours that are oddly reminiscent of the paprika colour seen on the seat cushion here, but add in all these dragonfly patterned copy cats? I suspect that my house is rigged with a closed circuit camera and someone may be playing a trick on me. No one has ever accused me of having cutting edge decor – tasteful, yes, but never ahead of the trend.

Either that, or I may be in the wrong field…

2 responses to “mid-week photo op

  1. so, this will make you mad, but thats my bed spread at my parents beach house, except its red dragonflys. Great minds think alike.

  2. Ooooh…I love that pattern.

    But rest assured, I have no money with which to redecorate, so your fashion sense will not be stolen and replicated here in the suburbs of Denver.

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