theoretically, she’s 50% me

The Magpie had a snack of chick peas and avocado today.

While those are both things that I have acquired a taste for in adulthood, you never would have caught me within 50 feet of either food stuff as a child. And my not-even 10 month old daughter is eating them up as though they are each the most perfect substance.

This is the same critter who has begun to climb the open riser stairs. Oh, and remove the pathetic little corner safety things along the way. Because, what’s the point in falling down the stairs if you don’t hit a real corner on the way?

We are entering the age of baby gates and padding our house to look like a movie psych ward. Our dog has headed for the hills and the cat is constantly looking horrified. My reflexes are now undergoing bootcamp style training and my heart has never had such a workout. I actually took her out for a couple of extra walks this week because, at least that way, she’s strapped into the stroller. She’s getting frustrated. She wants to go. Now. Faster. I just want her to get there in one piece. She doesn’t seem so worried about that part.

Maybe those chick peas and the avocado impart some sort of super powers…

2 responses to “theoretically, she’s 50% me

  1. Chickpeas, I can understand. Avocado? NO WAY. Bleh. What a horrid texture it has.

    She’ll make it all in one piece. I mean, we all did for the most part, right? 😀

  2. Oh my goodness. The climbing…it’s killing me slowly but surely. I’m just done figuring out all the things at her level that are a potential danger and now, she’s climbing things. What the? Aren’t they too young for this?!?!

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