Shavasana, please

My apologies for my rather whiny posting as of late – the moon is messing with me again, as is, I suspect, the wild swings in barometric pressure around here: it’s spring! no, wait…it’s winter! hold on, uh, it’s monsoon season! yeah, that’s it, monsoons! low pressure system, high pressure system, low pressure system and less than 6 hours in between each one!

My ears have been popping non-stop.

Add into that a slightly overwhelmed feeling every time I look at my self-refreshing Google Reader, my neglected Flickr contact list, my outdated blog roll and parents arriving next week who know nothing of this site, let alone could never appreciate an hour or two spent in front of the computer scanning other blogs about crotch waxes, Harry Potter, multiple fevers, nearly naked guys interspersed in sweet posts, Jesus band aids and creepy IM conversations.

So, I culled my online reading list. I kicked out a couple of Super Baby Sites that put out, like, 600 posts per day, most of which I skip through anyway. I kicked out a couple of formerly witty blogs that had just become a little… well… lame over the last little while. Because I want to have time to comment on brilliant Flickr photos, read the thought provoking, the inspiring and the truly grin-inducing blogs that are out there. And, god forbid, attack my pile of unread books and magazines [hard copy reading!] that has been growing at a tree-hugger’s heart attack kind of rate.

And I would like the time for a little yoga meditation, too.

One of the sites that I will be keeping, without a doubt, posted a little piece today discussing the results of a recent review of the rather pricey abstinence program in the States. And how it has pretty much zero effect. The stunningly flat graphs, alone, are worth the visit – go read now!

8 responses to “Shavasana, please

  1. So what you’re saying is that teenagers are having sex even though the brochures tell them not to? How odd.

    PS. I’ve culled my reading list a bit too. Sometimes you just need to for your own sanity.

  2. kicked out a couple of formerly witty blogs that had just become a little… well… lame over the last little while.

    Now I’m worried this is me.

    Hope to still see you over at Jodifur!

  3. Jenny: yeah, teenagers having sex…strange… 😛 You would suspect that an 87 billion dollar per year brochure might be able to be a little more persuasive, but, eh, maybe not. Glad to see I appear to have made your cut!

    Jodi: no worries – I’ll still be visiting! Now, with more regularity and attentiveness!

  4. Whew! I see that you stopped by my blog today…..glad to see that I wasn’t one of the ones that you kicked out of your list of reads!

  5. mackey, of course your still here!

    jae, I may not comment much, but I do hope I still qualify as one of your Constant Readers (what with the reading constantly and all) 😛

  6. i KNOW i’m lame, but i’m pretty sure i was never witty.

    thanks for keeping me on your reading list. i’m still catching up on my reading since we’ve been away so much.

    my reading list seems to get longer and longer and longer–which means i never get around to everyone’s. because i am the way i am, i read alphabetically. and then fall asleep.

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