hey, buddy, can you spare a lung?

In case there was any doubt left, I have have sufficient proof that my coughing is, indeed, allergy related.

My sister-in-law flew into town for the day for a visit and we hit up the aquarium. [photographic evidence here] As it was such a nice day out, we wandered around outside amongst the lovely tall trees, the flowering buds and the spring springyness that is the West Coast for a bit before heading in.

I have not stopped coughing since. And it is the rather harsh kind of cough that both Mr.Q and my sister-in-law took to commenting on. Despite two doses of the puffer.

At what point did my body decide to betray me? Is it still pissed at me about the pregnancy? [though it was very happy and content all throughout] Labour and delivery? Okay, that would be a hard thing to let go and move on from, perhaps. Is there a straw the broke the proverbial camel’s back after 32 and 1/2 years that I am unaware of? Some little thing that set a fire and sent messages off to my immune system to make my life a series of spastic, convulsive coughing fits during the 2nd quarter [god, I hope it’s only the 2nd quarter] of the year that I might be denied the joys of a little warm weather and sunshine…

Either that, or Mr.Q’s allergies are catching.

Regardless, I get it, dear Body of Mine. You win. You are the stronger person here and I will not ignore, belittle nor dishonour you in any way, shape and/or form in the future. I swear this on my Flonase.

Now, about those lungs…

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