Yo Quiero Taco Bell

<img src=”http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o174/mothergoosemouse/ParentBloggersNetwork.jpg” alt=”Parent That was the extent of my Spanish a few short weeks ago. Oh, except for unos dos tres catorce… But that was before we received the Boca Beth system through the Parent Bloggers Network and began watching animals and hearing about what they were doing in both Spanish and English while talking along with our Boca Beth puppet. Or listening to a CD full of easy melodies with lyrics echoed in both languages. And, while the Magpie is a bit young still for the colouring book, I can certainly appreciate how it will fit in with the DVD and CD.

This was actually the first DVD the Magpie has watched and I was both leery and interested to see how she would respond to it. While her attention span was a little short the first few times, she now loves to watch the animals come on the screen and she really loves the songs interspersed throughout the roughly 23 minutes of the main video. There is a good timing between the spoken parts and the songs that keeps this 10 month old interested. Give her the shaker that came with the set so that she can have a rhythm-fest throughout, and she’s a happy camper. There is a classroom session at the end that lost the Magpie and, truth be told, me, too. We tried, I swear, but it wasn’t happening. Perhaps this will be more useful when she’s a little older, but now it just didn’t hold our collective awareness. There is likely something I could learn from it to use outside of the video, but when I’m running around after a disinterested baby who is learning to walk, I’m not absorbing much info.

The CD is a bigger hit with me. There is much more variety [not just animals, like the DVD] and I’m not plunking the Magpie down in front of the tv. And the sound quality is much better. Since we listen to a tonne of CDs all day long around here, this made its way into the rotation very nicely. It is not [thank god] overly cutesy or cheesy or sappy and I find myself quite able to listen to it repeatedly without wanting to take the aforementioned maraca and begin smashing it into my temple. And, that, for a children’s CD is a damn good thing.

I like:

  • the CD.
  • the, for lack of a better word, many “real” phrases that have not been dumbed down.
  • the clear, concise pronunciation and having the time to repeat the phrases on the DVD back so that the Magpie hears me saying this stuff too.

I dislike:

  • I had some issues with navigating on the DVD – granted we have an older DVD player, but we can’t move around the menu options and have to fast forward if we want to get to another part.
  • the sound on the DVD is annoying. The volume and quality changes throughout.
  • please note: neither of these two things affects the content, nor the Magpie’s enjoyment of the DVD.

She likes:

  • the songs on the DVD – whether it is the music itself or seeing the children on the tv, I’m not sure, but the songs are definitely a hit.
  • the shaker.
  • watching her mother ooh and ahh over a monkey on the tv.

The verdict:

  • I am extremely glad to have received this set and plan to continue using it – in its entirety. And, while my initial reaction is to avoid DVDs for the Magpie, there is no doubt that the medium is beneficial and attractive. [though I am looking forward to getting more into the colouring book and using those pictures so as not to rely so heavily on the tv] Would I buy this? A resounding Yes. Will I buy the other components? I am such a sucker for CDs and I have enjoyed this one so much that I will be very surprised if I do not end up with the other available discs [perhaps through babycentre!].

pssst: wanna win some Boca Beth stuff?? Yes, you do! Head over to the Parent Bloggers Network and leave a comment on a Boca Beth post and you just might snag a prize!

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