birch in a bitch

Despite my best inhalation efforts, Ventalin and Flonase alone [or, I suppose, in combination] are not enough to combat whatever is taking over my respiratory system.

So I am returning to the doctor next Friday. With pollen reports in hand. Today, birch pollen is through the roof, so that has become my current mortal enemy. Some days, I suspect the magnolias, some days I suspect the cherry blossoms and other days I firmly believe that the stinky little white blossoms on the shrub I walk by to get to the market are solely to blame. Regardless, I am coughing like a 2 pack a day pensioner living next to a bus station and it has to stop.

The only good thing that has come out of this is the desensitisation of the Magpie who, in her younger months, would cry at the thought of someone sneezing or coughing. She will now breastfeed happily through a coughing spasm that will send the cat running and freak out the neighbour two doors down. I guess that’s a good thing….

2 responses to “birch in a bitch

  1. Argh you poor thing, I thought you’d be all better by now. I bet you are feeling exhausted – coughing makes everything hurt after a while huh?
    Hope you aren’t feeling too bad!

  2. Argh, get better soon!

    My parents installed a filter system to their A/C that crackled dust and pollen away. I didn’t realize how useful it was until I moved out of the house!

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