baby shower!

It’s like buying a new car or a new purse: once you have a baby, it seems everyone else does too. And, there are three more on the way: Liz, Christina & Tammie are all en route and, in their honour, a couple of ladies of the ‘sphere have solicited our best and worst advice on their behalf and are rounding it all up in one convenient location. So, here you have the nuggets of wisdom I received:

Assvice: “get that baby on a schedule right away!” Are you kidding me? The Magpie had no schedule whatsoever for the first entire six months of her life. I could not tell you from one day to the next when, if, how or where she would nap or eat. Period. Would she fall asleep in the stroller on our evening walk? Would she feed every half hour or every two hours? Would she decry the notion of sleeping in her crib and demand the comfort of our bed, or would she only pass out in the window seat or across my legs? Schedule, my ass. I could plan nothing. Fortunately, for those six months, she also slept through anything. Once I got my pregnancy hormone ravaged brain around that, it was suddenly all good.

Advice: “you guys are so laid back, you’ll be fine.” Okay, not technically advice, but this was the best thing anyone – in this case, the public health nurse – said to us in the early, early days. Related to the lack of schedule, but also to pretty much everything else that came down the pipe, not freaking out unless it was really and seriously warranted has sort of become our mantra. It took a lot of doing [I’m not really known for not freaking out…], but damned if it doesn’t work.

Congrats to these three expectant mamas [though not expectant for long!] and be sure to head over and check out the baby shower. There are photos! There are games! There are prizes! C’mon!! Exclamation marks mean it’s good!!

One response to “baby shower!

  1. Thank you for the very very astute advice. I hope we’ve fallen into that camp already – which automatically negates that assvice. Funny how that works.

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