buh bye

That is the new concept around here.

Buh bye to the change pad – who needs diapers! Buh bye to mommy at music class – I’d rather go sit all the way across the room next to this strange lady. Buh bye to nap time – I had an incredibly refreshing 5 minute doze in the car and now require no further sleep. None I tell you!

Guess which one we’re in the midst of at this exact moment…

We’re getting so much closer to one year old [11 months in a few days!] and she is getting so much more independent, it’s insane.


Okay, just returned after having to head upstairs and retrieve the lost soother. The Magpie is now sleeping, after 8 gabillion verses of Go to Sleep, Little Baby [I only know the words to four verses … so there was a little ad lib and a lot or repetition], is dozing ass up in the baby variant of child’s pose and has one soother in her mouth and a death grip on another in her right hand. Just in case, I guess.

So, she’s not so independent as to dismiss her mother’s lullabies quite yet. [phew]


Tomorrow’s post is more about mom: it’ll be the first of the month, and that means the Blog Exchange. Kari will be here posting about Mother’s Day – make sure to read and leave her a comment!

One response to “buh bye

  1. I liked this post 🙂 I love the ‘child’s pose’ thing, hehe – I know what that means now!

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