Happy May to Mothers

Every May and even before, the cheesy commercials start: Get your mom a cheap, breakable heart pendant! Purchase mom a fleece with her kids names embroidered in it! Get her some cheap perfume! Think of something that is totally not her style, attach “Mom” to it, and suddenly it becomes precious!

And then there are the stories of the touching handmade crafts and the disgusting breakfast in bed that ends up being a tremendous amount of work for the now sick-to-her-stomach mom to clean up in the kitchen. (I guess you get nauseated while pregnant, and then get to experience the same feeling all over again each Mother’s Day!)

Do I want flowers for Mother’s Day? Or a trinket?

No. I want sleep. And I know others out there do too. But not sleep with the kids screaming in the background, and certainly not sleep that ends by coming downstairs to a horrific mess. No, siree!

On second thought, maybe I just want to take the boys to the park. I want to enjoy them away from pens that can damage the paint job we just did in preparation to put our house on the market, away from food that can drip on the floor or leave handprints on the fridge.

“Oooh! Enjoy those little handprints” older women will wink, but then days later will give a hmph! when they see a child running around the store.

I look forward to May not for Mother’s Day, but for the increase in sunny weather, the start to the illusion of a more relaxing season, and for hope. May is a “winding down” month for the school year, and is such a major turning point for mothers. September is a “fresh start” but May is the final push before June’s academic dismissal and commencement of summer camp.

Do I want Mother’s Day to disappear? No, not quite. As much as I dislike its execution, I believe in the concept. It would be nice to honor our mothers at least one day out of the year. I enjoy doing things for my mom for Mother’s Day, even if small.

But I know that children don’t really understand. They love, but not the same love that mothers have. For that, they need to become mothers (or fathers) themselves. And it is at that point that they can truly appreciate their own mothers.

And so, my “real” Mother’s Day present will be when my children have their own children. Perhaps then they will know at least a bit of the love I have for them, and recognize my commitment to them. (Or, they’ll laugh and say how easy it is!)

I became much more thankful of my own parents once I realized what tremendous responsibility children really are. That’s one hokey saying that I can get behind, “If I knew grandchildren were so much fun, I would have had them first!”

Hmmm. Maybe I should have that embroidered in peach and teal thread on a lacy sachet?


Doesn’t sound like Jenn? You can find her hanging out on my Couch today with her own post about Mother’s Day.

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Thank you to Jenn for allowing me to borrow her blog today!

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7 responses to “Happy May to Mothers

  1. I’m always torn on Mother’s Day between the holy grail of TIME ALONE and the meaningfulness of time together…it’s a puzzle!

  2. Hmmmm sleep. Or perhaps a bath that doesn’t end with being greeted at the door about something that’s happened while I was “away” for 20 minutes…

  3. Oh… sleep. Never mind a bath. I would just like to use the toilet without an audience or someone wanting to show me something.

    Maybe that could be a Mother’s Day commercial – “let your mother crap in peace.”

  4. I totally agree that we don’t fully understand the love our parents have for us until we become parents.

    I spend Mother’s Day with my parents and my brother and his family. The men chase the kids around while us moms sit and watch them.

  5. sleep indeed!

    I believe I heard that hokey grandchildren several times while my parents were down last week 🙂

    Hope you’ve enjoyed your stay – it was great to have you!

  6. Sleep is something we horde as childless folk and lose raising young children!

    I agree with you about mother’s day. It can get ridiculous with gifts on every holiday (very materialistic!)

  7. Very touching, you are right on materialization. It is this for every little occasions except I think anniversaries.

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