mid-week photo op

I love this little guy who hangs in my kitchen but it is one of many, many ladybugs that have taken over my house.

They were not my idea.

But, I received one. And then another. And then they were noted by other people who are in the habit of buying me birthday and Christmas presents and these little critters began working their way into all occasions. Apparently, it has been decided that I have a thing for ladybugs.

So much so, that my mom remarked on my tattoo during their recent visit and wanted to know why my “ladybug” is red and blue. So I explained [again] that my back bug is a scarab beetle and I had to reiterate why I wanted a scarab beetle permanently inked in my skin.

Fortunately, I don’t mind ladybugs … in moderation. But I do suspect that my house has maxed out its ladybug quota for now. I may have to start taking my cue from the many clutter/decorating shows out there: if a ladybug comes in, a ladybug must leave.

4 responses to “mid-week photo op

  1. Lol that is so funny, I know you have mentioned it before, but it’s funny how people get an idea about you and just run with it. I have a friend who gets me heart shaped everything, and while I am fond of heart shapes, I don’t need heart shaped candles, candle holders, bubble bath, etc etc etc!

  2. LOL! My sister has a frog problem in her house. A couple of people found out she liked frogs and now she has all this crap with frogs on it. Maybe I could get her to send a frog your way to eat up the ladybugs? 😀

  3. Why do they latch on to the kitchy things? For the love of GOD people…I want YARN! Is that so hard? If every person I knew bought me yarn I would still love the yarn. I am really easy that way.

    No, I get dragonflies. And handbags. I have no idea how the whole handbag thing started and I liked dragonflies 8 years ago. I think I should get a do-over every time we hit a new decade.

  4. kate: I know – I have the ladybug candles, boxes, etc too. Never mind who buys them – who makes these things?

    KG: send the frogs!

    mama grouch: oooh – I love the do-over! I had a dark green thing 15 years ago that still haunts me to this day…

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