another episode of things I’ve surmised

Every time a box of teething biscuits is purchased, those in the know collectively have a good smile and place bets as to how long it will be before the blatantly obvious newbie tosses their barely eaten rations into the garbage.

Having duly read my labels, I chose a simple, accessible, perfectly appropriate cookie to introduce and let the Magpie try a bit. It was cute – as shown here in Exhibit A – while she toyed with it, nibbling, and rattled it around her highchair tray on that first day. A minor success.

Then day 2 rolled around. A little more nibbling, a little more gumming and the cookie turned into a paste with a preference for clothing and a hardening time of 3 seconds. Please see my laundry basket for Exhibit B.

We are, since the Magpie kind of likes them, sticking it out for the requisite 6 or 7 days so that we can officially say that these cookies – and, ergo, their contents – have passed the allergy test. But don’t expect to see them in my house again anytime soon. And when I see someone placing a box of these little cement biscuits in their basket? I’ll smile and place my bets.

3 responses to “another episode of things I’ve surmised

  1. I recently had second-child amnesia and gave a biter biscuit to Liv to chomp on while I threw dinner together. It took a good 15 minutes to clean her, another 15 to clean the kitchen, and yet another 15 to prevent a permanent stain from chronicling this experience on her adorable outfit. By the end of it all, I was so exhausted that the 10 minutes it kept her busy were long forgotten…and the dinner? We ordered pizza.

  2. Haha! Sneaky, sneaky…

    Adorable little pucker in that first picture, by the way!!

  3. We have the same biscuits. I break them into three pieces and only let Katie have a third at a time. It’s about containment, I say.

    I get you but because they actually help Katie with the teeth? I see more in our future. They chill her out on those days when she’s trying to chew on, oh, say, my nipple.

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