another episode of things I’ve surmised

Yes, I’m surmising a lot these days….

Mr.Q, while a truly wonderful father and very involved participant in housely chores, really has no idea what he is in for when he begins his paternity leave/leave of absence next week.

We had to do a mini overhaul of the kitchen this evening and Mr.Q washed a fair number of dishes while I was having my shower. Upon coming downstairs, I received no reply to my attempt to assist and so gathered that he was nearing completion and sat down to edit today’s photos and begin posting.

That didn’t go over well.

It would seem that since it was my idea to clean [it might have been…], it was suggested that perhaps I help clean something. And therefore not post for you, my wonderful readers. Jeez.

So I did. I tidied up the living room and, by the time I came to transfer a few dishes to the kitchen, Mr.Q was in the process of vanishing outside with the garbage and recycling. He was done the dishes. Which meant that there were a crapload of dried dishes on the counter, on the island and on the stove. Every single dish that he had washed had been dried and placed on some kitchen surface. He says that it’s to help them dry, but I’m onto him.

It makes it look like he washed more dishes: look! see all the dishes I have washed and dried [even though they could have rested in the drain rack]!! why, there were soooo very many that they cover the entire kitchen! truly, an amazing feat! are I not a wonderful, dishwashing husband who has done your bidding, yet again?!

But I hyperbolise. A little.

He did wash a fair number of dishes. And take the garbage out. And helped out a lot with the Magpie today while I played guinea pig to a massage therapist that we’re thinking of switching to. I did put the dishes away and, when he saw that, he reiterated his drying theory. I told him I was going to blog it.

And now he’s playing his new Wii.

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