slack jawed

This may help my tight jaw, and lower my massage therapy bills: we’ve just had a digital tv over the internet installed. We get a gabillion channels for the next 3 months – once those 3 months are up, we revert to the basics and get to choose our additional channels, though it will still work out to be a better deal than our old cable.

How am I to pay attention to my blogs? Comment on my photo contacts? Remember to eat?

Okay, so tv is tv and most of it is crap. I’m not sure that I’ll actually be able to watch any more than usual, but there will likely be a honeymoon period where I fawn over the Travel channel, BBC kids and constant Much More Retro.

We have a whole new channel listing to learn and a new remote to play with. [and – bonus! – we can give the Magpie the old remote] I get to vegetate a little more before heading back to the work force. What – you think it’s coincidence that Mr.Q will get most of the viewing time with this new system?

But it will be our house sitter who gets to have the most use out of it during our upcoming quickie road trip. She may not want to leave…

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