mid-week photo op

Three photos? What the bejeezus is going on around here? [yes, I’ve been talking to my mother too much]

These are my early Mother’s Day present this year: I’m going to kill some plants garden! Technically, I have two more plants, too, but they aren’t flowering [yet], so weren’t worthy of a photograph.

This fellow on the left is my Chinese Lantern tree. Below is some creepy crawly called Vanilla Shake. And this last one is some red flower that I currently forget the name of, but his requirements are inline with those of the climate. So far, so good. I’ve put four little guys in planter – successfully, thank you very much – and the tree looks exactly like it did when we brought it home. [too chicken to transplant it, even though it’s recommended…] Cross your fingers for me!

2 responses to “mid-week photo op

  1. Oooh they look beautiful! Good luck with them 🙂 I have a few plants, some have been disasters, some have grown surprisingly well.

    p.s. starting to think about a first birthday party?!!

  2. thx – fingers crossed!

    first birthday party? yikes, we still have to get through two trips to see relatives! though we are looking at a low key open house kind of thing for one afternoon. it’s what all the babies around here are doing 🙂

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