2 responses to “Sunday Edition XVIII

  1. I can sympathize about the speeding ticket. My one and only one came when I was trying to get to my parents, with my 3 month old son screaming in his carseat…I was going maybe 5 miles over the limit and was stopped by what I assume was a bored cop looking for something to do. He proceeded to write the ticket while my baby continued screaming and didn’t even let me out of the car to calm him.

    Cop apparently wasn’t a dad!

    And now, when I travel 5 miles over the speed limit on our expressway, and other cars are leaving me in their dust, or tailgating me….I wonder where the cops are.

  2. I love the “On the Road” video.
    That sucks big time about the speeding ticket.
    Bad cop!!!!!
    The cameo by Mr.Q & Magpie were priceless!!!!!

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