my own bed

The drive home today was uneventful, with the anticipated traffic snarls as we approached the final bridge before home. There were no traffic tickets – indeed, no cops seen at all – and the weather was beautiful.

Now, that’s the way to drive.

We left my sister and brother-in-law to return to the regularly scheduled lives – such as that is, with their major renovation project on their new house – and we returned to our lives, such as they will be for one week until we trek out to the in-laws’.

There will be photos forthcoming on flickr, but for now, I’m tired, have laundry to do and reading to do, as well. And, of course, the mid-week photo op tomorrow.

One response to “my own bed

  1. Ahh..yes, there is nothing like your own bed no matter how long you’ve been away from it.

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