mid-week photo op

This is a quilt that was made my Mr.Q’s grandmother and was used by her babies – all four of them. My mother-in-law brought it out to us on their last trip here.

It’s not terribly large – perhaps 2 feet by 3 feet at the most – nor is it probably technically a brilliant piece of quilting. [Quiltwork. Quiltmanship… is there a proper term?] It is, however, lovely, and has been well loved. So, I want to do something with it.

Any ideas on how to hang this without ruining it? Oh, and it has to be really, really easy. As in: no sewing machines involved. Or any fancy, schmancy sewing terms. I know “needle” and “thread”. That’s about it.

Um, so I guess your answers will involve having someone else do this for me?

2 responses to “mid-week photo op

  1. Have you looked into quilt hangers? They are clips you hammer into the wall and then clamp fabric to…I can take a picture of one we have if you’d like.
    Oh, it’s hard to find them where they are so…country/farmhouse looking…but it is possible.

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