how am I to return to work when I can’t make it through the day without a nap?

This is the new dilemma.

Despite a perfectly reasonable sleep last night and despite a reasonable morning complete with the requisite cup of coffee, I happily -nay! with disturbing ease – slept for 2 and 1/2 hours this afternoon.

Perhaps it’s the humidity. Perhaps it’s the allergies/virus that has taken up a permanent squatter status in my lungs.

Mr. Q. Interlude. Jenn is busy making sure the Magpie doesn’t wreck the cellphone that I gave her. All the music/videos/buttons are sure sign of hours of entertainment.

It’s only a 1 week old cell phone. No problem. The phone will survive, as long as Jenn doesn’t cough/hack on it 🙂

Hm. Maybe that’s why I’m tired.

I’ve yet to figure out a way to have a nap from 12 to 2 during the workday. I get a total of one hour worth of breaks and voluntary overtime or messing with the schedule isn’t an option for every day. And, really, there is simply no where to nap at work.

When one’s car in the underground parking is the best available option, napping takes on slightly less importance. Particularly when I’ll be taking transit most days. And, forget “available option”, napping on public transit just isn’t an option at all. I know I’ve forgotten many of the horrors of the local bus and train systems, but not enough to justify dozing during the commute.

I suspect that I will have to take the other route: coffee.

My supervisor makes a killer cup of coffee and that will have to be how I get through my days now. I’ll be hopped up on enough caffeine to take down a horse [and, while taking down a horse is literally unlikely, you never know, I suppose] and that’ll just have to be good enough to get me home at the end of my shift. Oh, and through my shift.

Mind you, I can pretty much guarantee that my shifts will not involve allowing toddlers to entertain themselves with the music players on cell phones while making sure they don’t actually destroy them in the process. That alone might make the difference.

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