in which I try to talk myself into an extra-curricular activity

With my return to work, and Mr.Q’s leave, I won’t be attending Music Together classes anymore. I won’t have any singing outlet any more. I will be riding the bus and, in my effort to not be banned from public transit, I will not be singing on the bus.

So, where does that leave me? A few strains snuck in the back room under the hum of the fans on the biological safety cabinets at work? Muttering a tune on the four block walk home, watching people take a wider berth around my crazy lady persona? Belting it out in the company parkade on CCTV for the amusement of the security guards and maintenance men? Sorry, that ain’t going to cut it. I need more than that to keep my happy, but just can’t handle the demands of a choir again.

So, I took a trial workshop session today with our Music Together instructor, who happens to also teach adult voice lessons at the same studio. And I’ve decided: I’m going to try it out over the summer, every other week for one hour.

That’s – what? – four or five lessons. Hardly a life altering commitment, but enough to know if we click and if I am getting anything out of it. And if I can pull it off with my work schedule and my anticipated need to rush home to and spend every non-work minute with the Magpie.

While not many, those are big ifs. Ones I have to sign up for first thing tomorrow morning. Before my buy in wears off.

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