mid-week photo op

My favourite vase, purchased several years ago in a San Fransisco studio near Berkeley for more money than I care to admit to spending. It’s a little greener than the photo shows…

As much as I claim to want to splurge on clothes, shoes, purses or jewellery, it’s pieces like this, or books, or paintings that end up catching my eye and making my credit card finger itch. I don’t often buy [rarely, truth be told] but this time, I did.

And then I didn’t tell Mr.Q how much it cost. And he didn’t mention it when the credit card bill arrived.

2 responses to “mid-week photo op

  1. I love that vase, it is beautiful!

    I love your weekly photos 🙂

    And I was too slack to comment, but your video on the road was my favourite so far, I really loved it.

  2. Just saw and enjoyed your post on CHBM. Ex-Victoria, BCer, now living in San Diego. Nice to meet you.

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