bad karma money

We found a cell phone on the trail yesterday morning. It was just sitting there: a Razr in a lovely black leather case, with a gabillion names in the contact list. It was obviously a serious communication tool.

And it was all in French.

Fortunately, there was a listing for maison which, even I remember, means house. So I called, we played phone tag [yes, he had a French accent, which was nice confirmation that it really was his phone and all my high school and university book learnin’ didn’t go to waste] and eventually met up to reunite the two.

Then, cell phone dude gives me twenty bucks. I never even suggested that I would hold the phone hostage and I tried to decline, rather vehemently, but not enough as I ended up walking away with the cash. Now, as Mr.Q noted, it’s a steal compared to this guy’s cost to replace the phone, but still. That wasn’t the point.

I stuffed the money in the outside of the diaper bag – I couldn’t even bring myself to put it in my wallet – and left it there while we did a little running around. When we hit the bank, the money got deposited into the Magpie’s account.

That just really seemed like the best place for it.

2 responses to “bad karma money

  1. I’ve had that happen to me too, before. It is a funny thing as I wouldn’t even think of expecting to be given money for something like that. It makes me wonder about whether or not I should be giving people money if they find my things…lol.

  2. A similar thing happened to me a few years back.
    My kids & I were out for a walk & we found a wallet with over $300 in it.
    I took out the I.D. & looked the fellow up in the phonebook. He described the contents & I then gave him my address to come over & pick up the wallet.
    After picking up his wallet he tried to give me $50.
    I said “No way.”
    He then tried to give me $20.
    I again declined.
    I told him that I was happy enough being the one that found his wallet so I could make sure it got back to the rightful owner with money intact.
    He gave me a hug:)
    That was payment enough.

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