it’s a damn good thing that today wasn’t yesterday

For whatever reason – insanity, baby brain, distractions or general stupidity – I forgot to have coffee today until Mr.Q reminded me at 3:30. After I expressed awe at the fact that I napped until 3. I remember thinking about coffee around 11am, but thought I’d make a cup of tea with lunch. Apparently that didn’t happen…

Regardless, had I been in that state yesterday, I may have made serious social errors of the pissing off the relatives kind. Because yesterday morning, I received information that my sister in law and mother in law were going to be coming into town on June 9. This decision was made within 24 hours of my post on my family blog mentioning that June 9 is the date of the Magpie’s birthday party.

We were just out there so everyone could have a visit near the Magpie’s birthday and now family is crashing the party.

That was my initial thought. I’m now [almost sort of] over it. I had, cautiously, acknowledged my sister in law’s request to come out that day – she is the god mother, after all – but hadn’t really thought that anyone else would come along. Since we were just out there.

It’s okay, Really. It was mostly just the shock. I’m not adverse to having family come out for the Magpie’s party. I’m not even confused by it. I just have to make sure we have enough cupcakes and coffee…

And, as long as I remember to have my coffee that morning – and lots of it, perhaps with a shot of something a little stronger – things should be fine once the guests arrive. Just peachy.

One response to “it’s a damn good thing that today wasn’t yesterday

  1. What? No coffee? No Coffee?
    I think I have managed to quickly make myself a total addict and just can’t start without it. Certainly couldn’t make it til 3:00!
    Cupcakes sound nice.
    Happy party planning!

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