one year later

This time last year, I was passing out at the hospital after surgery. There was a little baby sleeping next to me.

In the year since – which seems to have gone by instantaneously, despite feeling like utter eons ago – she has changed more than I have changed in the past ten. Make that 20. At least. I have no idea how she did that…I am in awe and I suspect that will not change. Ever.

Happy birthday, baby!

9 responses to “one year later

  1. Awww she is so beautiful!!

    I remember when your birth update came through I was sitting on my bed with my new baby and bawling at the video of your wee baby born! It was so exciting, I felt strangely close to you, despite having not met. You describe it perfectly, it feels like ages ago, but at the same time, feels like last week.

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