another episode of things I’ve learned

Just in time for me to return to work:

  • Brentwood mall goes uber family friendly and the Magpie enjoys their padded kiddie play area. We also find this in the new Mother’s Room: And, there is a little play area, a microwave, an enclosed bathroom and seating! Take that, stupid people at Really Large Nearby Mall, where the “Mother’s Room” is two bucket chairs in the entry of the food court bathroom. Ew. Yes, I have nursed in there amongst the lounging teenagers and little old ladies who can’t make it all the way into the Everyone Else’s Bathroom, but I’ve also nursed in the middle of the food court because of the ick factor.
  • LaSenza is now selling nursing bras. Seriously. Nice ones. I noticed this when I was purchasing not-nursing bras. Damn it.

One response to “another episode of things I’ve learned

  1. That is perhaps themost awesome sign ever. I would shop there daily just to support their business so wonderful does this make me feel.

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