it’s about the balance, baby

<img src=”” alt=”Parent This is my first day back at work – full time – and I now have a one year old running around the house with her father all day long. You would think that I have enough to do.

But it is taking that extra time, forcing myself if need be, to do something for myself that really saves my sanity. A little photography? Check. A little blogging for myself and the Parent Bloggers Network? Check. A little singing? Check.

But what about birding, mushroom hunting, genealogy or bonsai? These have all appealed to me, but never made their way up to the top of my to do list. [Okay, so I have a short attention span. Please don’t get Mr.Q started on the fencing or improv classes that I’ve taken …] They are also all listed in Get A Hobby! 101 All-Consuming Diversions for Any Lifestyle along with, well, 97 other things that are good for you and your need for Me Time. Better still, there is a short quiz at the beginning of the book to help guide you to hobbies that may be more suited to your personality. And scattered an among the array of options are possible projects, resources, further variations and the occasional warning about what you may be getting yourself into.

So, what really peaked my interest? Something I can pick up and put down at any time, doesn’t create a clutter problem or Pile of Useless Things but still satisfies my need to just do something? Knotting. Yep, learning to tie knots. And, presumably, untie them. I have no use for this. No real need. This is certainly not going to help my career nor will it clean my house.

I may just have to give it a try.

For Get A Hobby!,
I like:

  • the wide variety of hobbies included – really, something for any lifestyle
  • the hobby personalities. These can be matched up to the personality traits that you come up with in the quiz, or used to help you spread your wings a little and try something a little outside of your self appointed rut comfort zone.
  • the list of resources provided for each hobby

I dislike:

  • I must admit to outwardly cringing at seeing dog breeding listed. Granted, the author did note some of less than warm and fuzzy aspects that are involved, but seeing it in listed in among the same pages as scrapbooking and faux finishing just didn’t sit well with me. As the daughter of a former SPCA field agent, I firmly believe that this is not the kind of endeavour to be undertaken lightly. [slowly backing away from soap box now…]

The verdict:

  • this is a good resource for any age. We’re all [kids, too] so easily tied into our daily grinds that there must be something out there – anything [deep frying, anyone?] – that can be so far removed from the routine and so individually rejuvenating. That is the perfect hobby. And this little book could easily get you on the way to finding yours.

pssst: wanna really kickstart or reignite your sanity saving hobby? leave a comment on this post at the Parent Bloggers Network for a copy of the book and $100 to spend at Michael’s Arts and Crafts!

2 responses to “it’s about the balance, baby

  1. A book listing all the things I’m not doing…it just makes me anxious thinking about it.

    I need more time.

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