they literally broke the mould

I am now sporting a rather medieval maze of wires and springs around my bottom teeth. And I put out good money to do so.

The dentist made casts of my teeth a couple of weeks ago and send them away to some nameless, faceless teeth-altering corporation. There, the teeth – my teeth – were broken off the mould and reset on it in a straight line. Ta da! Just like that: a straight smile. Then a retainer was made to that new and improved dental form and, with springs to allow for room, that is what now exerts a little pressure on my drunken picket fence of a lower jaw.

This, after over 2 years of braces in my late teens.

With the genes I’ve inherited, I am not surprised that I have come to this and I am more than willing to take these steps to save my smile. I just wasn’t expecting such an archaic looking contraption…

Here’s hoping that, by the time the Magpie needs braces or retainers or appliances [and, based on her three bottom teeth thus far, we will], we’ll be out of the dark ages.

One response to “they literally broke the mould

  1. Ugh. I had orthodontics for NINE years – retainers, braces, you name it. I was spared the head gear, thank goodness. But my teeth are STILL whacked. I hear you.

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