I may accidentally step on your toes

Now that I am back at work, I am paying for a parking space. But Mr.Q wants and needs to be able to take the Magpie within and outside of the transit system. So, I get the car a couple of days a week and take transit on the others.

I travel with assholes.

Really, if I am standing near the tracks – not, you know, on the tracks – does that not imply that I am waiting for the train? Apparently, though, I must appear to be merely loitering, because there is always someone will to step directly in front of me despite the spacious platform.

Never mind the people who seem to feel that the line up for the bus in beneath them: handicapped or injured? no. Pushing a stroller? no. Drinking a Frappuccino and yakking on their cell phone while stepping in as 3rd in line as the boarding begins? yep.

None of this has prevented me from getting on a train or bus – yet – nor have I missed the last seat by one or two people and been forced to stand when I otherwise might have been able to rest my sorry ass on a patch of stained plastic. But it’s still rude. I’m trying to make the conscious decision to not be annoyed. Really, I have better things to get riled up over but, should this go on for many more days in a row, I guarantee nothing.

2 responses to “I may accidentally step on your toes

  1. Ugh public transport! Even though I live in the biggest city in NZ, to catch a bus to my old work, would have taken around 2 hours, including lots of walking and I think changing between 3 buses – yet it’s only a 15 minute drive away – in traffic! Crazyness.

    That would piss me off though, all those rude people!!

  2. I love public transportation. It’s just a shame that the public at large is getting more self centered every day. I’m often dismayed to see an elderly person standing on the bus while some twenty-something on a cell phone sits and yaks away. Courtesy unfortunately seems to have become optional these days.

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