I never promised to not post about breasts

Dear boobs,

What the hell are you doing? Last week, you settled into our new routine of three feedings per day within three days. I was, admittedly, surprised, but pleasantly so. And, really, why not? It wasn’t a terribly big stretch and there was a great deal of consistency. I wasn’t able to snack all throughout the day and your compliance just made sense.

This weekend, we even managed to keep to the routine. I didn’t ask any more of you that I had the previous days and all was well. So what happened last night? Why did I wake this morning, soaked and sore? Why, this afternoon, did I need to once again stuff my bra?

The Magpie, for all appearances, seems to be content while we are not near; you can’t be receiving hunger vibes from across the city. There are certainly no babies in the building who could be affecting you so. So what gives?

Maybe today was just a one-off. A reminder not to neglect you, that you are there. Okay. Hi. I do acknowledge and greatly appreciate all you have done over this past year. But don’t over work yourselves. I need you well and happy for a little while longer, so don’t burn yourselves out, all right?

I’ll make sure to stay sleeping on my back tonight, though, just in case.

Love and support,

4 responses to “I never promised to not post about breasts

  1. Ahh..the joys of breastfeeding. I don’t particularly look forward to that. Is that bad?

  2. Oh my goodness. Our parellel lives continue. I leaked yesterday for the first time in ages. WTF?

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