Mr.Mom has a yearning for the mall

Mr.Q has kept up his awesome dadness for another week: music class, the aquarium, the library and a trip to the mall. How do I know about these things? He tells me. But, there are things he doesn’t tell me about until I come home and find videos posted. Nothing terrible. Nothing new. Just…vocal.

Want to see what else happens while I’m at work? Check this out…

[I had a whole rant post written about a CD that Mr.Q had purchased on said trip to the mall – it showed up on the receipt as Hip Hop Ho. But when, in my vindictiveness diligence, I tried to find a link for this CD, there was none. I could find no record of it online. Upon locating the CD in our house, it is called Hip Hop Lives but likely came up, erroneously, as Hip Hop Honors in the store’s computer systems – an earlier CD by the same artist. Apparently, in addition to improved accuracy, that store needs bigger cash register tape, or smaller font. Those of us inclined to be easily incensed are done no favours by seeing Hip Hop Ho (…) on our husbands bills.]

3 responses to “Mr.Mom has a yearning for the mall

  1. OMG Katie was fascinated by Mae Gwyn. Seriously, she sat on my lap and stared and smiled and tried to grab her.

    You don’t get it.
    She SAT STILL.

  2. Hip Hop Ho? I mean Honors? You’re right, the store needs better something. Moms don’t need to be easily incensed over nothing — not when there are plenty of valid obsessions in the world!

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